Sunday, November 13, 2011

Communication stalemate

Well, we both think you are doing the best you can do to be the best communicators, but trust me we all can do something better and different...but you wouldn't know unless you experiment. All smooth sailing till you think to much...atleast that is my problem. I swear things, couldn't be going more amazing! Except I am a over thinker and I think the littlest of clues are extreme...I am aware of this...but we can use this to your benefit...whether you are like me or more normal in thought, I have come up with some phrases that suck to hear when you are long distance and some alternatives to help with a "communication stalemate"

I can't I am busy....let me just tell you, this sucks to hear..because you are long distance and have the slightest clue of what your day may consist of...I understand that the phrase may be a lit easier to say...but sweetie, you are in a long distance relationship nothing is going to be will all be worth it...SO instead of that phrase say something like, that sounds great, I really wish i could but I have.................... (explain your life, it makes it so much easier) Then the person won't feel shut out, they will understand and feel apart of your day.

Although intentions are good, don't bombard them with a lot of "emails, texts or written communication" They will say that they like it all, but you will tell if it is too much based on how they respond.... If they start responding short stories that feel emotionless, try your hardest to take it back a notch or two...they will feel the difference....

Emotionless writing, it will happen now and then... your job is to write like you would want to read. Would you really want to read emails that are only answering the questions with out explaining their life? no, it would make you feel crappy... So try and make your emails like a conversation, more is better. Imagine that email to be the only email for the whole day, what would you want to say? What would you want the person to feel. Write your emails, read them, and evaluate how you think that would make the other person that for awhile and you will be come much better at it all in all.....

Check back soon for more
Happy loving!

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  1. I really love the way you suggest wording "sorry but i'm busy". That's definitely a harsh phrase to hear and makes you sometimes feel like "oh so you're to busy for me?". Not a great feeling. I definitely hate the way texts and emails can be misinterpreted!! LOL!