Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tricks to make yourself feel better

There is nothing harder than missing some one and letting it affect your day to day. I find myself in this problem all the time! I have told myself to not let it bother me or not let my day be affected because of the little stuff, like wanting to talk to them or see them so bad its hard to even function until you do. Or counting the hours since the last conversation. It is way easier said then done, I don't even know if I am in a position yet to provide insight on this because I still am finding myself feeling like crap on random days, like seeing a facebook comment on a girls page where the word cute has been used in context to her from my boyfriend... its like a car accident, I can't help but stare and wonder how it happened..... that makes person feel like shit and a about an ounce big, because its not that you don't trust them you just want to know what there day is like, the people they are meeting, how that type of conversation started, or that I see pictures of him having an amazing time with out by his side, that one is a double sword, you are so happy he is happy but it sucks too. Or when there has been a patterned that you have been in of talking at certain time or knowing the schedule they are in and then it gets changed and you don't know what they are doing or when you get to have the chance to talk to them in real time. There is also the awful feeling of how much it kills you inside that you haven't been able to talk to them and you wonder what they they are feeling and how they can go this long without talking to you because you know it is EATING at you to not be able to talk to them. Being over-ally emotion you can go to the extreme especially if you having a hard time you could think the worse, luckily for me I have had no reason to think the worst except for a few comments here and there and my past history. But for those of you who are thinking the worse, the way to make yourself feel better, go back through re-read text messages and emails, the warm feeling comes back I PROMISE, re-reading the old emails helps with the moment of time inability to talk... Trust me I feel like I have been doing that for the past few days... just make sure they are the good loving emails :D.... I promise to add to this idea of tricks to make you feel better as I learn them because I am still learning how to make myself feel better when I hit the brick wall, so far its sit, pray, think really hard, send brain waves to try and get them to realize you want to talk to them(which they should already assume you want to talk to them 24/7), Read old email/text messages, look at and send them cards, write in blogs, but DON'T over send emails, they will feel so overwhelmed and you will not feel like each email you gave attention too is being reciprocated in the emotional context the way it would have been if they were sent singularly. GOOD LUCK!

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