Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holidays and Distance

Well with the holidays among us, those of you in long distance relationships are going to have a hard time... it is a given... most holidays are very couple-ly. There are few things to make your loved ones not feel empty and forgotten during times that may be harder parts of being in a long distance relationship. Tips to hopefully make it easier....

For the Guys:
You may not see the significance in material things, but when it comes to not having you around the material things fill the voids. There are plenty of things you can buy with out breaking the bank.... 1800flowers is one of them... don't go for the floral bouquet.... go for the potted plants, they will last longer just like don't go for food go for stuffed animals... the point is a double win, you are showing love and its something that will not only last a week. 1800flowers for an example has TONS of options and its easy to find coupons...and with using a web based place you don't have to worry about high international or domestic charges on shipping.

For the girls:
Guys aren't typically into the physical reminder they are more into the private thoughts and maybe the cute things that don't de-masculine him, sending cute cards, weather they be e-cards or real cards(factor in postage, and find out whats easier). or a special phone call that makes the day better.

For the guys:
It is VERY important that you make harder efforts of contact at the random times that will help your loved one cope with the fact that she is having to be alone during holiday seasons... there is no doubt that either way it is going to be hard for her and since you love her you should have no problem trying to help her get through the romantic couple-y season with out you...

For the girls:
Don't over-react, I know there will be times that you ask yourself "is it worth it" then you have to weight the options of "is this current emptiness that you are feeling at this moment worse then the feeling of emptiness if you didn't have your love in your life?" Remember this current emptiness can almost be erased just by hearing from your love even when its not easy to look past it all.

Just remember you are worth the world and your loved one should help you feel that way, if they don't let them know, because if the love is strong, they will do anything in their power to make you feel like you deserve the world.

Cheers and Happy Loving!!

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